Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

Keep Relationships with Your Clients and Business Partners (Part II)

Concert tickets
This is the perfect choice for clients and partners whose hobby to musical performances. In Jakarta are often held concerts singers and musicians. This is one event you can use to your business interests. Which should be a concern is to recognize the true taste them before you spend to buy a ticket which is usually quite expensive. Nothing wrong with musical tastes casually asks clients / partners. Do not get the purpose of entertainment they can not be achieved because they do not like the music of your choice.

Dinner invitation.
This is the safest alternative you can do. I do not think anyone would refuse if asked to eat. Discuss business can also be done with more comfortable in the relaxed atmosphere, such as while having dinner or just coffee. To find a representative and restaurant options to suit your needs, try looking OpenRice.com. This culinary website provides detailed information about restaurants and places to eat in Jakarta and Bandung. In addition to the options menu and price list, OpenRice.com also provides detailed information such as addresses, opening hours, type of food, restaurant capacity, to the facilities in each room and a restaurant parking lot. Because the restaurant website portal is also a gathering place of culinary connoisseurs who join become members, surely you can find a wide range of relevant reviews and of course, subjective. Even the promos pulled from the restaurant are being advised to clear. With this much information, you can choose carefully where the restaurant could be a great place for entertainment to your clients and business partners.

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