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Gain Control, Get Motivated

Source : Motivation123.com

Studies, along with a few minutes of rational thought, show that employees are motivated when they feel in control; nothing drains drive like a forced road march. One way to gain this control along with its gifts of motivation, is to do the following:

Think of a project that would help your employer make more money. Perhaps a new product or service you want to develop? A marketing vehicle yet untested? A process to cut costs?

When you have it, make an appointment with your boss. Share your idea and offer to manage the project in return for a portion of the profits. It's a win-win. Your company won't be losing money because you'd only be earning unrealized income. If your idea doesn't work, you don't earn a dime extra. If it works, you both make more.

A friend of mine, who worked for a gymnastics and dance academy, tried this idea. While helping a herd of students through back flips and somersaults, a thought lit up in her head.

There were a lot of kids who needed special attention in certain areas of their routines, attention that didn't fit into the weekly practices. Why not offer them specialized clinics on the weekends? (Having trouble with your handsprings? I've got the solution for you!)

The owner liked the idea, but didn't want to run it. No worries, thought my friend. She offered to do the work without an hourly wage, as long as she could get a percentage of the clinic fees. There was no downside for the company, so he happily agreed.

Because it was her baby, she was driven to make it succeed. She also made more money, for herself and the company. It was the perfect win-win scenario, a scenario you can replicate at your job. All you need is the right idea. Start thinking.

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