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Keep Relationships with Your Clients and Business Partners (Part I)

Maintaining good relationships with clients and business partners is crucial to maintain the continuity of cooperation. In addition to maintain product quality and level of service, another way that can be done is by entertainment them, their attachment to outside of the formal atmosphere of the office and business. Entertain clients and business partners is a common thing done by the businesses. If this business is impressive in the eyes of them, the possibility to work together again in the future will be more wide open and take longer. It is not impossible they repeat the order and remember you as partners or suppliers who serve them better than your competitors. One trick to "client entertainment" is to deliver what is preferred by clients. Surely you do not want to give tickets to a concert while the client you prefer to attend a high tea in a hotel for example.

Some of the innovative ways you can do to 'entertain' clients and business partners are as follows :

1. Tickets or sports facilities.
Take or give a ticket to watch sports games like football, golf, basketball. You can also give them vouchers to use the sports facilities like tennis courts, futsal or even a gym. Of course, after ensuring that the client or partner is a sports freak. You can accompany the game with the hope to get to know the client / partner further, or give tickets and vouchers so that they could use to fit their needs.

2. Spa packages.
If you are a female client, provides spa packages that can be sold many impressive options. Spa is synonymous with the calm and relaxation, two things that are often difficult to obtain business. One thing to note, make sure you already know the true quality of the spa services. You can try it out first or get recommendations from various sources. Provide treats at the spa which turned out bad service will make you lose credibility in their eyes.

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