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Working With a Worshipping, Why Not? (part I)Working With a Worshipping, Why Not? (part I)

In the month of Ramadan, for Muslims who fortunately is still have a chance to run a series of obligatory or sunna prayer for one month duration. Worship is not limited to space and time. As long as there is intention to run it, it can be done anywhere and anytime, including when she was working in the office.

Unfortunately if this blessed month be missed simply because of lack of time capability to balance between worship and work, though many of worships that can be done while you do other activities and no need disturb the work productivity.

Here are some simple tips so your Ramadhan worship getting optimal even if done while working at the office:

Really and truly intend to be iklas.
Work and worship has a different orientation, one to meet the needs of others for worldly and the spiritual and the afterlife. But that does not make both of them are optional because the laws are equally mandatory. Busyness or weight of the work is often used as an excuse to be lax in worship such as fasting or praying. Conversely fasting be an opportunity for lazing in the works. To be able to live it together, strengthen your faith and surrender to the Almighty, surely you can do it.

Keep your stamina in order to worship and work goes smoothly. In order for work activity is not disrupted because of fasting, take advantage of your meal the best. Sahur also starting to miss the same worship that by refusing to reward. By consuming foods that are healthy and rich in energy, doing your daily work in a state of fasting should not be a problem. In addition to maximizing the meal, do not forget about adequate water intake, multivitamin intake, rest and exercises are ways to maintain your stamina.

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