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The Small Alfa Plant

The small Alfa (Medicago minima) is an annual plant belonging to the Fabaceae family (Leguminosae or Fabaceae). The species is on the Dutch Red List of plants as very rare and stable or slightly increased. The plant is native to Eurasia.

The densely hairy plant is 5-40 cm high and has a stompkantige stem. The ternate, 3-4 mm long, oval leaves are unspotted reversed. The leaves are undivided support to the foot or slightly toothed.

The small alfalfa blooms from May to August with yellow flowers 3-9 mm long. The inflorescence consists of one to eight flowers. Petals 3-7 mm long.

The 3-8 mm wide fruit is a nearly spherical pods (spiny ball) with felt-like hairs, often glandular hairs and a half to seven turns. The veins on the windings are strongly s-shaped and reticular not connected. The seeds are 1.5 to 2.4 mm long and 0.8 to 1.2 mm wide.

The plant is native, calcareous sand in dunes and beaches along river.

Names in other languages:

• German: Zwerg-Schneckenklee

• English: Bur Medick, black Prickly medick

• French: fluette Lucerne, Lucerne naine

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kleine_rupsklaver

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