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Santa Claus and Gifts

Giving gifts at Christmas dates back to ancient times, but the Netherlands has long been the gift especially the Sinterklaas celebration. Santa Claus appeared late twentieth century Christmas to drive. If this never happened, but many people give each other (even) with Christmas gifts. This habit has led to criticism that the party would have become too commercial. In many companies, a traditional Christmas gift of thanks for the work done in the past year.

Santa is a descendant of Saint Nicholas and is also associated with elves (Tomte or Nisse) as Santa Claus at St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, back. Use the Sinterklaas was taken by emigrants to America. In America, Christmas Santa Claus. Santa has about the same as Christmas, as gifts to give, a long beard and a red suit, but he has been stripped of all religious symbolism.

Santa Claus came in the modern form in the United States, late nineteenth century and became the advertising of Coca-Cola around the world. Thus it is possible that Santa Claus yet effigies wore a green coat, while the U.S. now only Santa Claus wears red with white (like the Coca Cola logo). Santa Claus has a (flying) sleigh pulled by reindeer and is helped by elves at the North Pole.

In many countries, commercial Santa Claus (Santa Claus), the original Santa Claus is not crowded, think of the Scandinavian Joulupukki or Father Christmas in England. Here are pre-Christian elements are evident in the Christmas present use. It is certainly not true that Santa Claus around the world red with scattered white dressed. Santa Claus in many countries still blue, gold or green (or another color).

In Austria and Germany is not Santa Claus but the Christ Child (Christ Child). This brings gifts on December 24. The Christ Child was invented by Martin Luther [source?] Because he did not worship at the holy feast of St. Nicholas wanted to do what it refers to. Remarkably, only just now in the Catholic section Christ Child is celebrated [source?]. While the original thought was that the infant Christ gives gifts as He did with his life, the last 50 years the figure of the Christ Child experienced a metamorphosis. Instead of the invisible Christ-child was to become an angelic figure. In recent years, Christ Child suffers the continuing Americanization of Santa Claus. So there is an association created by the pro Christ Child Santa will fight.


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