Senin, 05 Juli 2010

The Purple Dead Nettle

The purple dead-nettle (Lamium purpureum) is a small, in Western Europe are common nettle. In the French call a kind Epervière Piloselle.

The purple dead-nettle is a 5-30 cm high, one-or two-year plant that stands out the small, 1-2 cm long, pink to purple flowers. The upper parts of the square stem is clearly purple. The plant blooms very early, from February until May and again in the period from September to October. The species is regarded as a weed along roadsides, park edges, gardens and sites with a preference for a shady places and moist soil.

The light green leaves are roughly triangular in shape and are in pairs opposite each other crosswise. The leaves are hairy. In contrast to the stinging nettle (which belongs to the nettle family) caused the archangel is no burning sensation when touched.

The plant is often crowded groups where each other vegetation is excluded. The small reddish purple flowers attract bees. The seeds are dispersed by ants other.

The plant blooms from April until the winter.

Some flowers remain closed, there is question of self-pollination.

The nectar is popular with the bumble bee and, certainly in early March, when the first bumblebee queens come out and go find yourself a nest.


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