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Outdoor Billboard Advertising: 10 Issue To Things In Your Campaign

Outdoor Billboard Advertising – One of the Most Difficult Advertising Strategies

Outdoor billboard advertising is one of the most difficult of all advertising simply because of the variables that surround its success or failure.

Size, location, and the message must create a call to action either by calling a phone number or visiting a web site. This is why many small business owners look to outdoor advertising companies for help and guidance.

Outdoor billboard advertising is most effective when it is part of a larger advertising campaign that also includes display advertising in newspapers, radio and television advertising, and website campaigns. Compared cost-wise to other forms of advertising, outdoor advertising rates are favorable due to their exposure level.

The most effective billboards are ones that cause the viewer to go, “hmmm.” Many famous (and highly effective) outdoor billboard advertising strategies could fill the halls of many mansions but they have one thing in common: creativity. Some of the most creative ideas can be found at Billboardom

1. Outdoor Billboard Advertising Needs to Be “To the Point” – and Memorable for Passing Motorists

Think about this: how much of a billboard can you read going 60 miles per hour?
Effective billboards have a message that has “punch” such as a shorter version of a slogan. “I'm Thinking Arby's,” “Got Milk?” and a variety of other “mini-slogans” add just the right of information to make it identifiable with a brand name.

In fact, part of a comprehensive advertising campaign is to create slogans for the company that promote name recognition and company branding.
Some of the most memorable outdoor billboard ads have the fewest words and three or less graphics.

2. Outdoor Billboards Need to Have Lettering that is a Minimum of 1 ½ Feet Tall

Even if your billboard is close to the road, you still need to stick to this rule for maximum visibility. Remember that the speed limit of that particular stretch of road will either allow for more or less time for your message to be read. If your outdoor billboard is further from the road or higher up from the ground, the lettering should increase in size accordingly.

3. Large and Powerful Graphics Make Billboards Memorable

A huge photograph of a hand holding a hammer says, “Strength” without words. The hammer itself can be used to portray a building company but can also project, “our workmanship is solid” for many types of businesses and industries.

A graphic such as this should be the same height as the billboard area for the most effectiveness. Remember the adage, “a picture says a thousand words” to help guide you in finding a great graphic or visual effect to say the words instead of cluttering the billboard with text.
Dare to be different with the use of graphics.

4. Contrasting Colors Make Billboards Stand Out

Your graphics and text must stand distinctly apart from each other in order to be seen and remembered. Along these same lines, a website domain name and phone number that tie into the graphic's message helps the most important information – the call to action – easy to remember.

A short and easy-to-remember domain name and phone number in bright yellow against a dark background helps the eye to register the information to the brain in a glance.

Just because all the text and graphics are very large on a billboard does not mean they will be seen and responded to. Because the elements are larger, it is even more important to use high contrast with graphics and text.

5. Billboards that Speak the Language of the Community Get Results

If your business appeals to a younger market, the edgier you can get, along with “street talk.” While many business owners may not fit into that crowd, their audience might.

How you, as a business owner, may phrase a statement in “proper language,” the use of slang and deliberately misspelled words can let your customers know that your business is progressive and not adverse to change and innovation.

On the other hand, if your customers consist of another type of audience, speak to them in the language they are accustomed to. “Yo, heads up” may not be very appealing to an audience who relates better to, “We're New….and Better.”

6. The Way The Eye Travels is the Way Your Billboard is Read

The eye travels from left to right. You want to be sure that your billboard's message goes in the order you intend.
Make sure that your message doesn't lose the viewer in lack of order or sense.

Your graphics and text should have a natural flow so that the eye travels naturally from the most important element to the next. There should be a natural flow from element to element with the most important being what stands out the most: is it the text message or the graphic?

Again, color and contrast help to determine an easy flow where there is a specific order and the message is absolutely identifiable with your business.

7. Dare to be Drastic and Different with Your Billboard Advertising

Most of the time, it's risky to be daring in business and errors in judgment can cost a business hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Gather ideas from friends and family as to what their most memorable billboard signs have been. Creativity is the key so that your billboard stands out from the rest of the signage along the roadway. Think outside the box and include humor, a headline of great interest, and graphics that lead the readers to call or click to your business.

8. Create an Advertising Message on your Billboard that Beats the Competition

Consumers are exposed daily to every suggestion, nuance, and saying that advertising executives can dream up for any type of advertising campaign. The problem is, how can you make your message convey how your product or service outperforms the competition?
This is the time for a very good writer and thesaurus to come into play if you cannot afford an advertising agency's expertise.

Come up with a better way of saying why your business is better in the fewest number of words. In fact, this is the very method used when creating a slogan and you can start with a longer slogan and shorten it to a catch-phrase for your billboard.

9. Offer Something for Free on Your Outdoor Billboard Advertisement

Insurance companies and other similar businesses are notorious for proclaiming, “Call for a Free Quote Today!”
Today, more than ever, consumers are not only comparison-shopping for great deals but also value for their money.

If your business offers a guarantee of work, trade-in products, humanitarian contributions and charities it donates to that people are passionate about, fit this information into your billboard message.

10. Call to Action is the Goal of Outdoor Billboard Advertising

The goal of your outdoor billboard advertising is to establish new customer relationships. By using the tips provided here, the goal is to create a billboard advertisement that entices potential customers to contact your business for more information.

By utilizing the steps outlined above, you will be well on your way to achieving more traffic and inquiries for your business.

Outdoor billboard advertising can be quite expense so adequate time and care needs to be taken into the choice of graphics, colors and their placements, and a unique message that portrays a solid business that portrays customer satisfaction and beats the competition with its products and services.

Important Points to Remember when Doing Outdoor Billboard Advertising:

  • Create billboard messages that are to the point.
  • Create letters and graphics that are adequate in size and height for visibility.
  • Create billboard messages that can be easily seen and their messages understood quickly.
  • Be creative with graphics, text, color, contrast and concepts.
  • Be sure to relay an offer and a call to action for more information by phone or website.

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