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How to Turn an Internship Into a Job

Join a Professional Association.

Participating in professional associations provides students with an excellent opportunity to meet people currently working in the field. This also provides information on what professional journals people in the field are reading as well as any entry-level job openings that may be currently available in other organizations.

Express Your Interest in Working for the Company.

By expressing an interest in the company, you will be letting the company know that you consider the organization a place that you would like to work. Even though there may not be any current positions available, by letting your supervisor know that you would be interested in working for the company, you will be more likely to be contacted once a position opens up.

Networking is about relationship building. Once you develop a strong networking group, you will develop a better sense of what it takes to be successful and learn how to create a network that can assist you in accomplishing your career goals. Having a mentor that you respect will help to make the internship experience much less stressful. The mentor will also provide you with someone to learn from and a place to get your questions answered. Seek out a professional mentor that you trust and don't be afraid to ask him/her questions and suggestions on ways you can improve your performance and increase your current level of knowledge and skills. You can ask what it takes to move up in the field, both in the organization and in the specific industry. Once you establish a strong network and gain experience in your field, you too will have the opportunity to assist new professionals who are interested in breaking into the field.

The professional relationships you develop during your internship experience will also be part of your professional network of people who can attest to your knowledge and ability to do a good job. Your future relationships with your network must be nurtured and continued long after your internship has ended in order to keep it alive and well.

Express Your Appreciation.

Once you complete your internship, a short thank you is always appreciated and will leave a favorable impression with the employer. If you are returning to college, be sure to stay in touch with your supervisor and colleagues and take the time to inquire about potential job openings they anticipate in the future.

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