Kamis, 23 September 2010

What Works Says About You

By Elizabeth Hanink

There’s a saying that the person most likely to be hired is someone already employed. Why? Because if you are already working, you’ve proven that you can work and are no longer a gamble. Clearly you know a few things. For instance:

▶ You understand about being on time and ready to work.

▶ You leave personal problems at home.

▶ You look presentable — clean, neat and dressed appropriately for the job.

▶ You can communicate — with customers, co-workers and bosses.

▶ You can listen, follow directions, observe deadlines and set priorities.

▶ You can work when asked and in conditions not ideal.

▶ You have basic skills and are willing to learn more.

▶ You have goals and ambitions. That’s why you are looking for a new job, a better job.

Take a personal inventory and see if you have some weak points. A little fix-it now may help you make a big advance in the future.

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