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The first day of a new job can be nerve-racking. Your adaptation will start from your first day till one week at least. It is not easy to face your first day moreover you are fresh graduates and this is your first job. Sometimes you don’t know what you should do when you meet your boss and your friends. There are probably folks who haven't experienced a First Day in working place. Here are some tips.

Schedule set up ahead of time, such as: set your alarm clock a little early, go to bed early, have clothes ready, and lunch packed.

Stock your brief case, such as: Pens, paper, paper weight, solar calculator, and mouse pad, mug, and other stuffs in case you aren't provided with these things immediately. Be ready to work on your first day. Be alert. Many companies send new people to orientation the first day and even the first week. Take notes. Often there is an aptitude test given also.

Dress nice. Even if it's a business casual environment, there is an expectation that on the First Day the new employee will be overdressed. Meet that expectation. Use comfortable, polite, and normal clothes, shoes, and other stuffs. Do not use make up too much.

Meet and great people with a firm hand shake. In this chance you can introduce yourself. Do not introduce too much about you, name and age it enough for your first introduction.

Try not to ask too many questions. See what you can figure out on your own. Save your questions for the big stuff. Smile, be friendly when spoken to, and observe your surroundings and your co-workers.

Curtail or strictly limit your social life during the first week on the job. You need to get your rest. Get acclimated to your new schedule, and must not be late to work.

And, last, but not least, remember first impression is very important for you. People will see you and judge what kind of person you are? You from your first impression, but there is nothing to be stressed out about you just need to act normally and pay attention for above tips….good luck…..

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