Kamis, 30 September 2010

Create a wondrful First Impressions (Part 1)

To convey to you here is a favorite technique in creating a good first impression. A simple technique, but this is the key to my success became inspiration for harmonious relations. Of course, this technique is also effective when applied during the interview work.

The first time I learned to be a professional radio announcer, one important lesson instructed by instructor when it is broadcast Smile when talking.

According to smile can be heard. Listeners will easily be able to distinguish where the announcer was friendly and where broadcasters are not friendly or grumpy. As we know, that most people would prefer the people were friendly compared with the broadcaster that bitchy. If the radio listener can distinguish just which broadcasters are friendly or not, especially when dealing directly instead?

The opinion was increasingly strengthened again after I have studied Neuro Associative Conditioning System, an excavation techniques, development and structuring potential. A smile that seems an easy job in fact have a major impact in the "conquest" anyone's heart.

A smile is able to create four wonderful things:

1. Raises self-confidence

2. Happiness

3. Passion and enthusiasm

4. Genuine acceptance

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