Rabu, 03 November 2010

Working Abroad, who fears? (part 1)

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The increasing of fuel price gives significant effect for everyone. Rising expenditure items, while postal revenue is still in place. To meet the needs of an increasingly is high increasing, looking for additional income could be one option. Another option that can also be considered is get another job abroad.

The main attraction working abroad is the amount of salary that can reach 10 double. Starting life in a new place with different atmosphere and culture also become one of the attractions of working abroad.

Every year the Indonesian labor force working abroad reached about 700,000 people, spread across 11 countries. This amount is expected to grow to 1 million people per year, spread over 25 countries worldwide. 70% of workers who work abroad are more unskilled workers. But that does not mean there is no opportunity for skilled workers to have career abroad.

Based on the level of need that requires at most state workers from Indonesia are Malaysia, Australia, European countries and Japan. Other countries that require manpower medium to high-skilled are Qatar, New Zealand, Portugal, Canada, South Korea, Spain, and other Western European countries.

While industries that require workers from Indonesia are the manufacturing, plantation, construction, hospitality and tourism, oil and gas, shipping and medical health care.

But of course not easy to work abroad. Determination of physical and mental readiness is not enough. There are many factors you should consider before deciding to leave your current jobs, packed his suitcase and bring the whole family to a new country.

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