Kamis, 04 November 2010

Keep monitoring your focus (Part 11)

3. Less diligent.
Persistent attitude is a combination of persistence and perseverance. Many things can make perseverance and focus is lost. Bored, bored with routine even always in a comfort zone or a sense of complacency, often making the focus becomes blurred. Because humans tend to chase you want is not that supposed to be achieved. You often get stuck on the process and not being consistent in the goals of employment to be achieved. Losing focus also means wasting a lot of time and opportunity that is before you.

Train yourself to remain focused

1. Developing perseverance.
Know the history of Abraham Lincoln. Failure after failure does not make him give up and lose the goal of career. The peak in 1832 when he became an unemployed. But the high spirits and perseverance to be able to devote themselves to nation and country, making it finally managed to elect as president of the United States in 1860. A strong desire to create his own chances. Perseverance will find its way in the end. That focus on the target.

2. Develop self-mastery.

In the military world, sniper is a sniper. They are usually assigned to a special operation which requires skill to shoot in secret. With a target, once the shot must be well targeted. The main thing for the sniper is focused, has a maximum concentration and self-control of the prime. Directing a view on the target and ignore the things that can distract. Similarly, in carrying out your work, discipline and self-control make you focused and efficient in completing the work.

3. Making the target achievement.
What are the goals you want to achieve? Make plans and targets for achieving goals can be achieved with more efficient and effective. Targets are the steps to the achievement of objectives in a focused and measurable. Make target spur you to stay focused on the target. Focused attitude held by the winning works, all the people who succeed and become experts in their fields. Focus is the bridge to success.

Words of Wisdom
Goal is to determine what we will become.

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