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Job-Hunting iPhone Apps for New College Graduates

by Kate Currin, Appolicious

Graduating from college and starting your job hunt can be an overwhelming process. Luckily for new grads, there are myriad career-based iPhone apps that can alleviate some of your stress and help you navigate the job-hunting waters.

Check out these iPhone apps to help you get your foot in the door, successfully prepare for your first interview, and get tips on how to start a successful career that you are guaranteed to love.

Get your foot in the door
Hopefully, new graduates took a senior class on how to create a resume. If not, or if you just need some help getting started, download the Pocket Resume app ($1.99). This iPhone app has all the sections you need in order to create and send a professional-looking resume. You can even save your content and tweak it for each job application.

The free Dan Schawbel app contains information from his personal branding blog and is a great way for new graduates to understand how an online persona can affect their job prospects. The blog and app are filled with stellar career advice from experts with new information every day.

Prepare for the interview
The Interview Guru app (99 cents) helps new graduates prepare for their first interview. The app is divided into sections: days before, waiting, interview, and days after, each with tips on how to prepare or steps to take during that time period. I especially like the section While Waiting, which reminds you to breathe deeply and remain calm and confident.

Never be surprised by an interview question again with the Hire Me! App (99 cents), which generates random interview questions. You can even record your answers with this app and listen to them to find areas you need to beef up. The app also comes with directions on how to tie a tie, as well as a radio section with music to calm your nerves.

One of the questions you are sure to be asked, especially in this poor economy, is "Are you a self-starter?" Yes, employers want an ambitious hire that can hit the ground running. If you need to brush up on your confidence, check out the Becoming a Self-Starter app ($1.99), part of the Work-Life Guides series by Jeff Davidson. The app gives you motivational tips to keep you on the right course, like "Take comfort in knowing that everyone experiences anxiety when encountering a new task or conquering something challenging."

Get the job and create a career
Franklin Covey's Great Career app is your tool to not only find a job, but also find your ideal career. With the app, you can define your unique strengths in order to find the exact market you can fulfill for a company. Specifically, this career app helps you know your strengths, define your contribution, build your village, find resources, and take action. There is also a handy section to send your career questions directly to expert Dr. Stephen Covey.

The Affirmations for Job Success app (99 cents) will help you keep a positive attitude when you are making the office coffee run or what feels like a million copies. It's filled with cards containing positive, work-related affirmations. My favorite is "The joy I find in my career is reflected in my overall happiness."

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