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Survival Guide - Managing Stress

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Organize its work to combat stress

In small doses, stress pushes us to excel. Work overload can cause stress, however, harmful to health. Here are some tips to make your life easier.

1. Do the most difficult tasks first. If you put off until later, a difficult task or unpleasant it will bother you, even if it is just a phone call. By cons, once the task, your mind will be released.

2. Bring order to your tasks and folders. "When we're busy, we forget. Therefore write all your task in a diary, clearly indicating the priorities of the day, "says Charbonneau. It is also important to classify documents. "Some people lose only five hours a week looking for records." To avoid this situation, make a big household every two weeks, or a smaller every day.

3. Do not be too perfectionist. As your boss impose tight deadlines, it is rarely possible to refine your work until absolute perfection. We need to know to allocate a realistic time for each task.

4. Respect your limits. If the boss assigns you a task while you're already overwhelmed, show him your schedule. Let him decide whether this new request is more urgent than your other responsibilities.

5. Give yourself small pleasures. When your concentration decreases after an hour of work, you often take short breaks. You can just look outside, to breathe fresh air or eat a piece of chocolate! Also apply this principle to your holiday. "Instead of taking a month each summer, divide your weeks of vacation during the year," says Charbonneau. So you'll have a short-term goal, which helps to manage stress and maintain their enthusiasm for work.

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